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If you send out an invite and your guest (non-user of Teams) cannot connect then follow these simple steps. 1.       Click on the error (Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid). 2.       Download and install Teams from the Apps store 3.       When prompted for a login ignore and close the Teams app…

The easiest and quickest way to archive email, instead of deleting it in Microsoft Outlook is to simply press the Backspace key rather than the Delete key. Personally I didn’t know about this shortcut and estimate it will save me hours over the course of a year. Hope you find it of use.

We, at Matrix, have had an increase of tickets in the last week identifying potential phishing or fraudulent attacks delivered via email. The aim of this article is to provide you with the best practice in minimising these attacks for you and your staff and more importantly retraining users on what to look out for….

Most clients are use Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium daily.  If you are, then you should be taking advantage of the new Microsoft App, by combining the Office suite with some great hacks, this is the app of choice when on the move. The main features of this app are: Everything in one app, central…

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