Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Whilst the majority of people have heard of Microsoft Office 365, what business owners and staff may not be aware of is that Microsoft have rebranded their products to Microsoft 365.

The benefits of 365 Business Standard

Microsoft 365 Business Standard provides a subscription-based service, providing outlook, excel, word and email. In the Microsoft 365 Business Standard world, this is only a fraction of the available services. 365 Business Standard provides an extensive suite of products, designed for you to access company data remotely. As well as flexible working, it also ensures that your email and data are secure and GDPR compliant and features a collection of different product bundles.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard – an overview

To simply things for you we have listed below the key benefits of the most used Microsoft 365 product – Business Standard (formerly Office 365 Business Premium):

  • Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher (PC Only): These are the ever-presents of the Office 365 suite, the same products we have used for many years, but newly refreshed. The subscription model of Business Standard, it does mean you benefit from monthly updates and product refreshes as they are released.
  • Exchange: Business grade email with a 50GB storage, calendar, mailbox sharing and out of office assistant.
  • OneDrive for Business: 1 TB of storage which cleverly syncs your desktop and documents. This provides OneDrive as your personal document area accessible from any device you have.
  • SharePoint: SharePoint allows a shared area for files, perfect for HR, customer information and business critical files and folders needed by all users. If you have a server-based solution presently, then think of SharePoint as your mapped drive with a lot more features – versioning, autosave, collaboration to name a few.
  • Microsoft Teams: Imagine having an application that embeds skype, slack, WhatsApp, file sharing, video conferencing and is accessible from all devices. Teams consolidates several apps into one with an amazing search function to make your data access efficient and easy.
  • OneNote: Capture ideas, notes, share pages with team members – OneNote is your electronic pen and paper replacement.
  • Licensing: One licensed five phones, five tablets, and five PCs or Macs per user.
  • Reliability: Microsoft provide a reliability guarantee of 99.9% uptime managing the platform and rectifying issues to keep you running.
  • Power BI: Business intelligence (BI) is a tool which collects, sorts, and presents business intelligence data for you.
  • To-Do: Keep multiple lists of To Do’s with alerts, reminders, and access from all devices.

In addition to the above, there also many other available applications, designed to aid businesses. For more information, please contact our presales team. We will be happy to provide more in-depth details and answer any questions you may have. We will also carry out a suitability study for you and your business, matching the ideal Microsoft 365 product to your needs.

365 Business Standard services in Hampshire

As Office 365 specialists, Matrix IT provides Microsoft 365 business standard services to businesses throughout Fareham and Hampshire, including Portsmouth, Chichester, Southampton, Winchester and Havant.

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