Disaster Recovery Planning

Take note of this statistic: 68% of businesses do not recover from malicious attacks or complete business failure. In the case of an attack on your business, you need to have continuity plans in place to ensure that your business can recover.

Our clients understand the importance of a continuity plan which includes backup services and the knowledge of how to restore business operations. Disaster Recovery (DR) planning is more than just an insurance policy; it’s a live working document that runs through the heart of your business.

What exactly is Backup, what’s the point and why should I invest?

Backup systems ensure that all data is copied, or backed-up, ensuring that copies of all important files or data are made in the case that the originals are lost or damaged.

There are various levels of backup available, the differences being where data is stored, and how effective the backup is. In summary, for simple and successful backup, you need to store all data in a single location, take this location and backup to an external device (usually a hard drive). The backup data on this external device is encrypted to ensure protection of information. However, one backup is not enough. Harddrives are susceptible to attack from technologies such as cryptolocker, so another level of backup is required in a thorough disaster recovery plan.

Cloud Backup for Disaster Recovery

At Matrix IT we ensure you have a secondary backup in the cloud, which we will check to ensure it is not infected. We can also ensure you have multiple backups to make sure we can restore your systems in the case of a disaster.

So why invest? Our backup technology provides a complete restoration solution should you suffer systems failure or a hacking attack. It also is an integral part of disaster recovery and crisis management planning.

Our consultants will carry out a deep dive scoping exercise on your systems, and advise on the right backup solution for you.

Disaster Recovery (DR) versus Backup

Disaster Recovery planning enables a business to have robust documented processes in the event of a complete outage. Matrix IT will typically carry out an initial assessment of your systems and advise on how we can implement this DR solution for you. Our assessment will take into account:

  • Email services and continuity – what if Office 365 is unavailable?
  • Malicious attacks on systems – how to recover deleted data/emails
  • Server failure/data corruption – service restoration
  • RTO and RPO (recovery time objective and recovery point objective) – Key metrics to ensure business continuity after an unexpected event
  • Data consolidation – establishing where your key data is located and ensuring there is a robust backup in place (both onsite and in the cloud)
  • Phones and 3rd party devices – establishing how other systems will work in the event of an outage
  • Remoteworking – considering the effectiveness of business continuity if the offices are unavailable
  • Plan execution – carrying out quarterly or biannual DR testing to ensure busines continuity

Disaster Recovery Support in Hampshire

If you do not have a disaster recovery plan in place, or are interested in moving to cloud backup, you can contact Matrix IT today.

As a cloud systems specialist, we can advise you on the best backup solutions to ensure your business is able to recover in the event of a malicious attack. Based in Hampshire, Matrix IT have gained considerable experience of providing backup and disaster recovery planning to businesses in Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester, Winchester, Waterlooville and surrounding areas in the south of England.

For more information, simply call the Matrix IT team on +44 1329 888 444 or email us.