Patch Management

Most people think of patching as Windows updates. Indeed, 60% of patching is just that, but what about the other 40%? Our patch management services ensure that all devices maintained by us are patched in a controlled manner.

Patch Management for Windows Servers and Workstations

We test and approve patches before deployment as this minimises disruption to your systems. Microsoft does release several preview patches which, if installed automatically, can cause incompatibility with certain applications.

Each client has an agreed windows patch, with which we deploy the approved updates through automation. Our automation agent updates the operating system and will restart systems, ensuring they are ready for access at the start of business.

Non Microsoft Patch Management Services

Switches, routers, firewalls and access points to name a few all require firmware updating. This ensures vulnerabilities are fixed, resulting in a more robust, secure infrastructure.

We centrally manage these devices and schedule updates recommended with the vendors agreed patch level. These updates are carried out after a system backup, typically on a monthly basis, and conducted out of a business’s core hours.

Patch Management for Hampshire Businesses

To ensure IT systems are updated to prevent vulnerabilities, businesses based across Hampshire and the south of England can contact Matrix IT. Based in Fareham, we are specialists in patch management services and regularly work with businesses in Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester and nearby areas.

Contact Matrix today by calling +44 1329 888 444 or if you would prefer, send us an email. We will be happy to assist you.