IT System Monitoring

Ensuring that IT systems are up to date and functioning as intended is vital for any modern business, however, we understand that few businesses have the resources or expertise to commit to continual systems monitoring. This is where Matrix comes in.

Our network operation centre (NOC) monitors your IT systems, making sure that all systems are functioning properly, as well as alerting us of any that require attention. The Automatic Response Matrix Agent (ARMA) monitors for faults on your servers, workstations, networking and connectivity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can rest assured that your IT systems are in safe hands with our system monitoring services, leaving you to focus 100% on your key responsibilities.

IT System Updates

An important aspect of ensuring the function of your IT systems is to effectively manage updates when necessary. Technology moves fast, so to ensure the function, safety and security of your business, you must stay on top of any IT updates.

We will manage your system updates for you. We will confirm with you the updates that are required and then install them outside of your operating hours, cutting out downtime and disruption to your business. We update firmware, or the code that runs the machine, to ensure security holes are closed and that your exposure to possible cyber attack is minimised.

ARMA is the armour your systems need; our NOC team will manage the rest.

IT systems monitoring for Businesses in Hampshire

To achieve none-evasive, updated, secure and reliable IT systems, system monitoring is an important investment.

At Matrix, our Network Operation Centre team have the technical expertise to ensure your IT systems, including servers, applications and workstations, are functioning correctly and are updated regularly. We will also communicate with you and your teams regularly in plain English, so there’s no need to worry about being bombarded with technical jargon.

We work with businesses of all sizes and sectors across Hampshire and the south of England, including Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester and surrounding areas. To learn more about IT system monitoring, contact our team today by calling 01329 888 444, or email us