Wi-Fi Network installed in Hampshire School

Matrix IT Solutions recently undertook an installation of a Wi-Fi solution that was necessary at a local school in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The school itself has students from Nursery, right through to Senior School age. This is a grand total of 450+ students plus staff. Therefore, a large infrastructure was needed to handle the traffic that the school would produce.

The product was deemed best for this was the Unifi Access Point. In total, 16 of these were installed around the premises over a two-day installation period (including trunking and neatening of cabling). With minimal cabling in mind, the access points were powered using a POE Switch, so only one cable was necessary to each adapter, rather than the 3 that would be used with a standard POE Injector.

With Zero Handoff (enabling users to move from one Access Point to another, without experiencing any connection interruptions), this is an ideal option for any ‘multi-user’ business.


Employee sends damaging computer code to old company – could your company cope?

Employee sends damaging computer code to old company – could your company cope?

Fist on computer keyboard

This may sound far-fetched but it happened recently in the US. A former IT manager of Smart Online, a company creating mobile Apps, left the company and then sent damaging computer code causing $5,000 worth of damage to computers. The code also deleted much of the company’s intellectual property. He will be sentenced in December this year.

Although justice has been done, it doesn’t help the company – they still have to pay for the damage and retrieve lost data.

How safe are your computers?
Have you changed your passwords recently? What do you do when someone leaves your company? Could they sign in and access or delete company files?

What you don’t want is an ex-employee to still have access to your company data. Imagine the damage that could be inflicted. Website content could be changed, email accounts hacked, social media accessed. The entire reputation and security of your company could be jeopardised in two hours from someone’s bedroom.

Changing passwords – is this enough?
The simple answer is no. It is good practice to have new passwords but, at the very least, you should back-up your data every day and install a ‘disgruntled-employee-proof’ security firewall.

Don’t leave it to chance or be spurred into action by someone leaving. Sort it out now. Call Matrix It Solutions, IT support in Fareham on 01329 888444 or Click here to email us and we can talk you through the options to ensure that this never happens to your company.

Source: https://www.fbi.gov/charlotte/press-releases/2015/information-technology-manager-pleads-guilty-to-sending-damaging-computer-code-to-former-companys-servers https://www.fbi.gov/charlotte/press-releases/2015/information-technology-manager-pleads-guilty-to-sending-damaging-computer-code-to-former-companys-servers

Beware – ransomware is still out there! CryptoLocker, CryptoWall and CryptoVirus

Beware – ransomware is still out there! CryptoLocker, CryptoWall and CryptoVirus

Beware - ensure you have safeguards on your computerDo you regularly back up your data? We hope so, because there are some nasty viruses out there, finding new and innovative ways to encrypt your data. If you don’t back up your data then a vicious virus may put a halt to your business.

CryptoLocker was, and still is, a ransomware Trojan. It targets computers running Microsoft Windows and infiltrates itself via infected email attachments or existing botnet. As soon as it is in, it works its way through your documents encrypting files so that you will be unable to open them.

Can CrytoLocker be removed?

What about my encrypted files?
This is altogether trickier. When you try to open your files, a message will appear asking you to pay via Bitcoin or a pre-paid cash voucher by a stated deadline. It threatens to delete the private key (that is the only way to decrypt your files) if the deadline and payment requests are not met. Some companies paid the ransom, others did not and were unable to access their files.

Screenshot of CryptoWall
Cryptowall image
 What has happened since last year?
CryptoLocker has been isolated and the security company involved in this process managed to access the private keys and set up an online tool for recovering files without paying the ransom.

How much money was extorted?
It is estimated that the group behind CryptoLocker received $3 million.

Are there other ‘nasties’ out there?
Yes – CryptoLocker may have been isolated and a way found to decrypt files for free, but CryptoWall and CryptoVirus are both alive and kicking and cutting a swathe through computers the world over.

If you want to find out more about the viruses that are attacking computers then contact us.

What should you do?
Install anti-virus software and regularly back up your data. Call Matrix It Solutions, IT support in Fareham on 01329 888444 or Click here to email us and we can advise you on the most effective software to stop this happening to your computer.

Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 no longer supported by Microsoft

Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 no longer supported by Microsoft

act now image

Act now if you have Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003

Do you use Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003? There is a good chance that you will, as it is one of the most popular operating systems in use by small and large companies. Did you know that 61 percent of businesses are still using Windows Server 2003.*

14th July 2015 saw the ‘end of life’ for this particular system. It will no longer be supported with updates or patches from Microsoft.

Although your computer may be working fine now, as time passes and the system ages, it will become inefficient and its performance will deteriorate. If this happens, your data and IT security may be threatened and put at risk.

So what’s the answer?
The answer is to migrate to a new solution. As Microsoft said that they will no longer be supporting their own Microsoft’s Window Server 2003, then it is now time to change.

What are your options?

The first thing we would suggest, is to give us a call. We can talk you through the options. These include:

  • Cloud – move all of your data to ‘the cloud’.
  • On premise – take advantage of virtualisation.
  • Hybrid – a combination of the above.

Finding the best end result will depend on speed, ease of migration, desired functionality and cost.

Whichever route you decide to choose, you need to find out the best solution for your business. We will assess where your processes and programs are located. Workloads can then be categorised into: type of application, criticality, complexity, risk, and infrastructure type. Anything deemed ‘critical’, is high priority and should be moved immediately.

If you are not sure whether your company uses Windows Server 2003/R2, then we can help. Please call us and we can find out which server you are using. If it is Windows Server 2003/R2 then we can help you to find an alternative.

Contact us
Call us on 01329 888444 or Email Matrix IT Solutions for a free consultation about migrating from Windows Server 2003/R2.

*Source – Spiceworks report, “The Great IT Upgrade”, which examines the economic and technical impacts of end of life on IT departments.

Players’ Lounge at Portsmouth FC sponsored by Matrix IT Solutions

Players’ Lounge at Portsmouth FC sponsored by Matrix IT Solutions

Matrix IT at Fratton Park Portsmouth

Matrix IT at Portsmouth Football Club

Once again, we are pleased to announce that our company, Matrix IT Solutions will be sponsoring the Players’ Lounge at Portsmouth FC for another season.

We are committed to supporting our local community. This is where we recruit our staff from, and this is where the businesses that we work with are based.

Matrix IT Solutions is an independent company and one of nine businesses spanning the UK with specialist knowledge and expertise supported by its membership with Consort IT.

Our company covers the south coast, as well as nationwide businesses, specialising in fully managed services.

Our head office is in Fareham and we work with businesses in the Portsmouth and Hampshire region who choose to outsource their IT and telephony. As the level of demand for these services has risen, so have our staff levels.

Nic Cronin, Director of Sales and Marketing said:
“We are passionate about delivering excellent service to our clients and know from our experience that our staff are the key to excellent service delivery; as are the players at Portsmouth Football Club.

 We know if we treat our staff with respect and offer great benefits and work packages they will stay with us and be ambassadors for our business and become an integral part of our growth plan.

Likewise, Portsmouth FC are one of best supported clubs in the country and we are proud to be sponsoring them. Being a community owned club fits with our beliefs in the power of the community and local businesses pulling together too.

We wish Pompey a very successful season and look forward to being part of the amazing atmosphere at Fratton Park, cheering them on.”

Pompey’s head of sponsorship and commercial partnerships, Anna Mitchell, added:
“This is a great sponsorship deal for the club.  Matrix IT Solutions is a well-established local business we have enjoyed working with and look forward to our relationship developing for another year and beyond.”

We are always on the lookout for IT professionals to join our team and understand that its staff are the backbone of the business; therefore staff retention is a top priority, alongside its customer service.

For further information about the services that we provide then please visit our IT support services page, Click here to email us or telephone 01329 888 444.

See you at Fratton Park!