EndPoint Security

Having a lock on your door is great, unless you leave your keys in the lock.

Our managed EndPoint security ensures protection from day to day threat and attack. Centrally managed, we are alerted of any issues with your device and one of our trained technicians can address and fix the issue, often without you knowing.

EndPoint Security Features

Virus and malware protection are provided and updated real-time, reducing your risk. Scans and analysis are also carried out to ensure we identify and address issues quickly and quietly.

EndPoint encryption ensures that all data on your hard drive is encrypted, meaning that should you lose your device, then it cannot be accessed by anyone. Our encryption is compliant with GDPR and provides the peace of mind that no data leakage will occur in the event of loss or theft.

Web defender provides a safe internet browsing experience for all users. Both whitelists and blacklists are managed centrally and ensure that users only have access to what you specify. Additionally, any malware attacks are minimised as users cannot access the infected site.

EndPoint security is an integral part of reducing malicious attacks for companies. Matrix IT include the above in all of our support packages as standard, removing the risk and maintaining a level of safety for all of your staff.

EndPoint Security Services in Hampshire

Matrix IT can provide the EndPoint security services to help protect your business from cyber threat and attack.

Based in Fareham, we provide EndPoint security support to businesses in Portsmouth, Chichester, Southampton, Winchester, Havant, Waterlooville, and throughout Hampshire. For more information on EndPoint security, please call Matrix IT on 01329 888 444, or email us.