Cyber Security

For any organisation, security is a key concern. In the 21st century, ensuring cyber security is of equal importance to, if not more than, physical security. Businesses face a wide range of threats to important assets, with skilled hackers targeting computer systems, networks and data. For a business to succeed, sufficient security protection of finances, data, confidential and sensitive information is vital.

Cyber security services

How do you ensure cyber security and keep data compromise at bay whilst making sure the experience of data access is as easy as possible for users? At Matrix IT, we keep things simple. By utilising clever AI technology, we can create behaviour patterns through machine learning and ensure that any out of the ordinary access is detected and stopped automatically, keeping your data secure and safe from cyber threats.

Our cyber security blueprint lowers your risk from hacking or fraudulent attack. Through best practices, we work with you to understand where your data is and how it can be accessed safely. As your trusted advisor, we will also work with third parties to ensure all data is compliant and fully protected.

Cyber Security services in Hampshire

Matrix provide key IT cyber security services for your business, from a complete cyber security audit of your existing system, through to Cyber Essentials accreditation. Our products and services are layered, giving an overlap of protection and data recovery, or disaster recovery planning.

If you are looking for a cyber security consultant for assistance with your IT security, please contact Matrix IT today by calling 01329 888 444, or email us here.