Firewalls guard your data from intrusion, attacks, and possible loss, both externally and internally.

Think of a firewall as the security guard of a building, checking each and every person accessing your building. A firewall is similar to this as it inspects traffic entering and exiting your network. Clients often tell us they have antivirus protection, which is fantastic, however, this is on your machine, meaning the threat is already in the building.

Our firewalls are connected to an intelligent gateway to allow the constant updating of threats and ensuring minimal exposure to attack. Intrusions, malware and Ddos attacks are all stopped in their tracks.

We can provide highly available firewall systems to ensure minimal downtime to your business and auto switch over to secondary internet circuits in the event of an attack or threat.

Managed Firewall

At Matrix IT, we can provide fully managed firewall services, ensuring businesses are protected. Our firewalls are centrally managed, ensuring we are aware of any issues, maintenance to the systems, and potential attacks. By having sight of each firewall, we are able to provide a more rapid response to major known issues and emergency firmware updates.

Firewall Services in Hampshire

For firewall protection for your networks, look no further than Fareham based Matrix IT. As specialists in cyber security and firewall protection, we provide essential managed firewall services to businesses in Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester, Havant, Waterlooville, Winchester, and throughout Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

To discuss how firewall protection benefits your business, contact us today by calling +44 (0) 1329 888 444, or by email We will be happy to assist you.