Hosted Server Services

By moving to a cloud-based solution you reduce downtime and allow secure access from any location, creating efficiency for your business processes.

Cloud Server Hosting

Considering cloud-based server services such as Microsoft Azure can remove both investment costs and ongoing maintenance of equipment at your office. The software/platform as a service model (SaaS/PaaS) adds much more flexibility to your business. Users are able to work remotely and access server applications through cloud services, eliminating the need for VPNs or the need to be located in the office.

Additionally, the ability to switch up hardware gives a competitive edge to smaller and medium sized businesses when they are up against large corporations. Put simply, a cloud-based server means that more power can be added as and when needed – a bit like having a Fiat 500 for day to day use, that can be upgraded to a Ferrari at the flick of a switch. This technology is termed ‘elastic cloud’. What this term means is that there is no need to invest in a monstrous server to compute one day a month; instead, you can invest in a smaller one that works normally for the majority of the month and upgrades to a more powerful server when you need it to.

Another key benefit of hosted server services, whether co-located (your equipment in someone’s data centre) or pure cloud service (platform as a service), are the reduction in running costs, as there is no need for a dedicated server room in your offices, with temperature control, electricity, and generators. These services provide a robust home for your equipment, or equipment for your applications/server services.

Cloud Server Hosting in Hampshire

If you are interested in cloud-based server hosting to help empower your workforce, increase flexibility for your business and reduce investment costs, then Fareham based Matrix IT can provide the support you need.

As cloud hosting specialists, Matrix regularly work with businesses throughout Hampshire, including Portsmouth, Chichester, Havant, Winchester, Southampton and Waterlooville.

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