Cyber Security Audit

For any business, cyber attacks can be extremely damaging, both in terms of loss of revenue, privacy and reputation. Arrange a cyber security audit today to help manage the risk of cyber threats to your business.

What Is A Cyber Security Audit?

A cyber security audit is a complete review of all IT infrastructures and technologies, concentrating on specific areas of your business to analyse security holes and any potential issues. Through carrying out a complete technical security audit we gain a detailed view of your IT environment, compared against industry best practice standards.

Our security audit highlights the key factors within your IT systems, including cyber security risks, performance improvements and efficiency gains. Based on our findings, we can then make recommendations regarding the technologies and services that your business currently uses, and recommend how you can improve your IT security and plan for future development.

Mail Security Audit

Email is the most likely cyber route into a business and so poses the largest risk of security breach. Whether your businesses are hosted locally or via a cloud based system such as Office 365, a mail security audit completely reviews the setup and configuration of your email, including:

  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-malware
  • Reporting on external attacks (prevented and attempted)
  • 2FA/MFA
  • Correct sender methods (SPF/DMARC/DKIM)
  • Phishing simulation and user awareness benchmark

Endpoint Device Review

For the majority of businesses, a wide range of devices are used daily. Whether users are working at your business premises or remotely, desktops, laptops and mobile devices are used, and as your staff work to complete tasks and projects, they are often not paying full attention to what they are clicking on. As a result, endpoints are extremely vulnerable, with malicious access gained through a range of email, browser and app-based interaction.

Our endpoint security audit is designed to ensure that the right tools are in place on each endpoint device to reduce how users can interact with external systems and internet access. In the event that they do click on malicious links, we ensure that systems are in place to protect the device and prevent its data from being compromised.

Infrastructure Review

Similarly to the endpoint device review above, our security audit also ensures that all servers are being patched and updated to remove the threat of malicious attack through script deployment. We assess your complete IT infrastructure to ensure the best system configuration is achievable to mitigate security risks.

Our infrastructure review also includes disaster recovery assessment, which ensures that should an attack on your IT infrastructure be successful, you have the tools in place to recover to a known, acceptable, system state.

Network Security Review

Our cyber security audit reviews all devices that connect the outside world to your organisation, including firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi controllers and VPNs. Our network security review ensures that hardware and firmware are correctly configured, along with an in-depth assessment of firewall rules to ensure that best practices are achieved, and the door to the internet is properly secured.

ISO Certifications/Cyber Essentials

You can rest assured that our security audit is built on industry standards such as ISO27001 and the well known Cyber Essentials certification. By aligning with standard practices, we enable companies to become better versed in cyber security practices, and to complement any future accreditations undertaken.

We also ensure that the guidelines of the National Cyber Security Centre are utilised to aid our security review recommendations.

Security Audit Services In Hampshire

To ensure that your business is protected against the potential threat of cyber attack, you can contact Matrix IT today to arrange a full IT infrastructure security audit.

For more information about our security audit, or to arrange your full cyber security review, call us today on +44 1329 888 444. A member of our team will be happy to assist you.