Multifactor Authentication

Enabling a two-process login without complexity is the number one data security measure for all businesses. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) are the same technology and shouldn’t be confused as two separate technologies.

What is Two Factor/Multifactor Authentication?

So what is 2FA/MFA? Put simply, it is something you know and something you have. You know your password and you have a mobile device. By combining the two this enables a successful login, however, If either are stolen or accessed, then this isn’t enough to gain access to your emails or data.

For businesses using Microsoft Office 365, 2FA/MFA should be a top priority. Strategically, businesses are consuming Microsoft 365 services and uploading their email, files, folders and sharing key data information in Teams. Therefore, the number one consideration is to ensure those logging into the system are verified upon login, protecting private and valuable data.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is part of the Microsoft 365 stack, and setup correctly, can provide you with a seamless and secure login. The application on your phone prompts for approval when you login to the system – that’s it! Should your username and password be compromised, Office 365 MFA prevents unverified personnel from logging in and accessing all data.

The first step to any cloud-based security solution will involve MFA as this ring fences all data and allows Matrix IT to build out your solution.

Multifactor Authentication Services for Hampshire Businesses

For Two Factor and Multifactor Authentication support, you can contact Matrix IT, specialists in Office 365 and data security. Our expert team can help ensure that MFA authentication is in place for all your systems, ensuring that your data isn’t compromised.

Based in Hampshire, on the south coast, Matrix IT regularly provides Multifactor Authentication Services for businesses in Fareham, Portsmouth, Havant, Waterlooville, Chichester, Southampton, Winchester, and surrounding areas.

To learn more about 2FA and MFA, simply call Matrix IT on +44 12329 888 444, or email today.