Reasons to backup your data and have contingency plans in place!

Reasons to backup your data and have contingency plans in place!

Backing up your company data is more important than ever before. With the new GDPR compliance law now in place and the rise of cyber criminals, there is more focus on your data and where it is stored. Losing this data can be fatal for a business, therefore backing this data up is integral to survive.

Prevents completely losing your data – If there is a second storage of your data somewhere, you have peace of mind knowing that if your primary data gets hacked, your irreplaceable company data isn’t gone forever.

Limited downtime – If data loss occurs, your company may have to stop operating until it is recovered. Having an access secured backup means if this does happen, the data can be re-obtained straight away and your business can run as normal.

Mistakes and accidents – No matter how much you educate your employees and workers on cybersecurity, mistakes will still be made from time to time as cybercriminals are constantly finding new innovative ways to hack you. Having a contingency plan means you can respond to these errors. Don’t bargain on being mistake free.

Plan B to the rescue – A Disaster Recovery (DR) plan and Business Contingency Plan (BCP) are good back-ups to resort to. These make sure yourself and other employees know what actions to take if there is a data exploit.

Competitor Advantage – Having a back-up of your data actually acts as an edge over competitors. Many firms still don’t have a back-up and are as prone to a data breach as you are. However, they cannot apprehend this straight away, meaning the market is yours.

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Wi-Fi Network installed in Hampshire School

Matrix IT Solutions recently undertook an installation of a Wi-Fi solution that was necessary at a local school in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The school itself has students from Nursery, right through to Senior School age. This is a grand total of 450+ students plus staff. Therefore, a large infrastructure was needed to handle the traffic that the school would produce.

The product was deemed best for this was the Unifi Access Point. In total, 16 of these were installed around the premises over a two-day installation period (including trunking and neatening of cabling). With minimal cabling in mind, the access points were powered using a POE Switch, so only one cable was necessary to each adapter, rather than the 3 that would be used with a standard POE Injector.

With Zero Handoff (enabling users to move from one Access Point to another, without experiencing any connection interruptions), this is an ideal option for any ‘multi-user’ business.