Server Virtualisation

Server Virtualisation

What is a virtual server?

The virtualisation of servers is forever increasing in the business industry. Virtual servers are servers that do not require you to have multiple physical hardware servers to operate your business. You do, however, need a host server to accommodate your virtual servers. The amount of virtual servers you can have is dependent on the size, speed and processors of your host.

Here are just a few reasons why we recommend virtual servers.

  • Decrease space usage within the office
  • Reduced capex outlay on hardware
  • Reduce power usage
  • Easily upgradable for future requirements

Here at Matrix we regularly assist our customers in the procurement and set up of physical and virtual servers. Furthermore, we continue in our support through our monitoring system management and Cyber Security services.

At Matrix, we act as your ‘outsourced IT department’, providing help to businesses in Portsmouth, Southampton and across the Hampshire region. To find out on how we can comply with your server virtualisation needs, please contact a member of our team on 01329 888444 or Click here to email us

Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight

This month’s Bio is on our newest member of the team, Ryan. Ryan is our Senior Solutions Engineer.

  • What is your name, age, place of birth, job role and length of service at Matrix IT?

I’m Ryan Osman, 27, born and raised in the Southampton area. I’ve been a technician now for around 7 years and am new to Matrix at only 4 months on the job.

  • If you could do one thing in life what would that be?

Probably go into space and walk on the moon. You never know! Also, cure world poverty.

  • What are your hobbies and passions?

Keen Brazilian Jiu-jitsu enthusiast! I Enjoy Carp fishing when the weather’s right. Take to the woodland or old warehouses for Airsoft a few times a year. I Love downtime with the kids and family at the weekend/evening and learning new things. I’d be a lost cause without music (anything goes here, except stuff along lines of Slipknot or The Proms. Mainly indie rock and drum and bass), self-development (Tony Robbins is my idea of Jesus).

  • How would you describe yourself?

A weird mix of being predominantly introvert with sporadic extrovert streaks. Easy going, hardworking, a little bit weird? But hey who isn’t?! Beard rocking (albeit ginger). Generally submissive to the daily issues and low-key stuff but will surprise people when I fiercely oppose a view/action as it is not in my core values. Skip the small talk, talk to me about the purpose of life. The tendency to retreat into my elastic waistband PJ’s and binge watch TV series for annual leave after a hectic period.

  • Do you have any pets and children?

I do, ? two beautiful girls – Maisy and Maggie aged 7 and 5.

  • What is your favourite item or thing to do?

Probably Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Nothing like trying to submit someone or prevent yourself from being submitted after a stressful day!

  • What is your favourite quote?

“ Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” – Mahatma Gandhi

  • What motivates you?

The idea of achieving a goal for either gain for the better of the people around me or to better myself in the process.

  • What are your goals for the future?

The daily goal is to approach each day with a smile. I aim to get a blue belt in BJJ within a year. Buy a house within 5 years and start my own MSP within the next 7.

  • What do you love most about your job?

Projects all the way. The service desk is great too and it’s the bread and butter of the business. However, building a solution, planning the rollout and implementing it with efficiency and minimal client impact is what I enjoy the most. This goes hand in hand with building great relationships with our clients to the point you’re more work colleagues/friends opposed to business/client. That’s the joy of working with lots of SMB sector businesses, there’s a real personal touch to the work we do.

  • Describe your biggest achievement to date

Does surviving parenthood so far count? I jest, it’s a piece of cake….In all seriousness, I’d probably have to put down the achievement of signing up for Ultra MMA, completing the training and raising nearly £300 for Cancer Research in the process (as a team we raised over £7000). This entailed no previous experience of cage fighting, 8 weeks of training before a fight in front of 400 people in a Cage. Hands down the hardest, most painful, exhilarating and inspiring achievement so far.

  • Who is your idol, mentor or someone that inspires you?

Tony Robbins in terms of a public figure. However, one of our Directors, Gareth McQuaid, has been a key figure in my personal development over the last few years and I have a lot thank him for on that front.

  • Why Matrix?

Matrix gets it right with the mix of personal touch, professional effective support and building the best solutions for a client’s needs. After working for a corporate level IT firm,  I really missed how the SMB market worked and Matrix is the leaders for this sector. It just made sense to be with Matrix as this is the feel of business to client engagement I love.



Why does your business need IT Support?

Why does your business need IT Support?

Why does your business need IT support? Depending on your company and its requirements, there are multiple ways that an outsourced IT department can help you. Whether you have 5 PCs and office phones or a whole server room and many users, this could benefit the quality of your network.

Services could include:

  • Emergency helpdesk support
  • Onsite maintenance visits
  • Hardware installation
  • Cybersecurity testing and upkeep
  • Systems, monitoring and patching
  • Office move assistance
  • Fully managed IT services
  • IT strategy planning

Having an IT support agreement can give you peace of mind that you can minimise technical faults and be able to resolve issues quickly.

It is standard for the majority of business employees to not have technical experience; IT Support works to educate employees as well as support them with any internal issues.

Are you planning on expanding your business? Employing more staff and extending your network? When planning your future business goals, IT Support is an important thing to consider.

At Matrix, we act as your ‘outsourced IT department’, providing help to businesses in Portsmouth, Fareham, Southampton and across the Hampshire region. To find out on how we can support your IT network, please contact a member of our team on 01329 888444 or Click here to email us