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Google and Yahoo have declared the implementation of a more rigorous criteria for bulk email senders. Scheduled to take effect on 1st February 2024, these new terms aim to enhance the filtration of spam and phishing emails, marking a substantial and positive development in the ongoing fight against such cyber threats. The swift timeline however, places considerable time pressure on numerous businesses affected by these changes.

Why are they implementing new requirements?

A bulk email sender is defined as an individual who sends thousands upon thousands of emails a day from a single From: domain to Google or Yahoo inboxes. Cyber criminals have adopted a similar approach, dispatching thousands of emails daily in an effort to reach a wide audience. The distinction lies in the malicious nature of their emails, as these scammers operate anonymously online. This presents an opportunity for companies. With the implementation of these new requirements, Google and Yahoo are spearheading the fight against compromised mailboxes.

To distinguish between legitimate and harmful traffic, they are tightening border controls. This not only sends a clear message to mass email senders but also establishes a stringent “Entry is only granted with proper authentication” policy. As of February, you should experience improved identification of your emails.

Guidelines for Bulk Email Senders:

  • Maintain a valid DMARC record, with a minimum of a “none” policy.
  • Implement SPF and DKIM authentication for email verification.
  • Ensure alignment of domains on at least one of the protocols (SPF or DKIM) to achieve a DMARC pass.
  • Include a mandatory one-click unsubscribe option in all emails that necessitate an unsubscribe action.

What can Matrix do for you?

  • Every email sent to Gmail or Yahoo accounts must have a valid SPF record and/or DKIM setup. For our customers under a managed agreement, Matrix will verify and correct the SPF record for their primary email sending service (e.g., 365). We may need to contact you for access to your DNS control panel.
  • If customers utilise additional sending services for bulk emails (e.g., Mailchimp, SendGrid, etc.), they should get in touch with us to ensure proper setup*.
  • Businesses sending more than 5000 emails daily to Gmail or Yahoo accounts face additional security requirements. In such cases, customers are encouraged to reach out to us for collaborative assistance in meeting these specific security needs*.

If you would like to know more about Google and Yahoo implementing these new requirements, don’t hesitate to email or call us on 01329 888444.
* Additional costs may occur.

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