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Many believe that it is only Windows computers that require antivirus protection, however, this is a misconception, as Macs are not invincible when it comes to cyber security threats. While macOS is designed with security in mind, it’s not immune to malware, phishing, and other online dangers, that’s where Bitdefender for Mac steps in. What…

Steve Wozniak – 1976 Steve Wozniak born in 1950, was a Co-founder of the biggest global tech company, Apple. From a young boy, he had a growing passion for electronics and was further educated in this field. After meeting Ronald Wayne* through Steve Jobs in the early 1970’s, they planned together their venture in electronics….

Steve Jobs – 1955 Steve Jobs born in 1955 was one the co-founders of Apple. Apple is a technology company founded in 1976, now ranked the largest technology company in the world. Steve Jobs first taste of the industry was at HP where at 13 years old did a summer internship at the HP factory….

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