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Steve Wozniak – 1976 Steve Wozniak born in 1950, was a Co-founder of the biggest global tech company, Apple. From a young boy, he had a growing passion for electronics and was further educated in this field. After meeting Ronald Wayne* through Steve Jobs in the early 1970’s, they planned together their venture in electronics….

The man who first designed the concept was a man called Alan Kay who worked for Xeroc PARC, an American research and development company. Our laptops have evolved from bulky but small LCD screen computers, floppy disk slots and a simple keyboards with only letters and numbers, to our flat screen, touchscreen, foldable and detachable…

GDPR is coming and is relative to every business, but is yours prepared? Ask yourself these questions: – Does your company understand the importance of GDPR? GDPR can cost you a hefty amount in fines along with bad publicity and legal action. – Do you know where your data is? GDPR covers all current data…

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