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It’s very early to be talking about 6G now considering most people around the world are still getting used to 5G and a small amount are still using 4G and 3G, so some ask, ‘why even mention it yet?’. We mention it because the future will fundamentally be 6G as the world has always been on a steady path to better wireless connectivity.

“The future of IT is always exciting and if 6G is available to us in the UK when it is released, while also being sustainable to our planet then we are very optimistic with how it will all turn out” – Lou Gascoigne (Operations Director).

What is 6G?

6G stands for being the sixth generation of wide-area wireless technology.

Wireless generations are standardised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) which happens nearly every ten years. They are marked by a break in the air interface, which means that they can change in transmission or encoding. This is done so former generation devices can’t be upgraded.

Release date?

2030 is the optimistic release date for 6G since it is standard for a new mobile network to come out every ten years, however, some continents like Asia and other areas may see it first since they introduced 5G early as well.

A few companies are already looking into 6G quite immensely now, but the real trials and experimentation won’t start until all the weaknesses of 5G have been discovered so those issues will not occur in the future.

What are the future benefits of 6G?

6G will be faster, more enhanced. It will greatly improve whatever people already use on network connection, however, there may be something else on the horizon with 6G. Think more immersive virtual reality, working artificial intelligence, life-like hologram calls to each other and so much more. The start time for films, TV and games will be faster meaning no more waiting or buffering!

Some say that this is the next step in the relationship between humanity and technology as we can use this as the steppingstone towards wearable tech (micro-tech mounted on the human body).

“6G will transform the way we market our services to our customers. The possibility of using 3D holograms will allow us to provide a truly personalised experience.” – Frances Moore (Marketing Director)

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