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5G wireless networks are coming soon with people claiming that they will be 100 times faster than the 4G wireless networks we are currently using.

What is 5G?

5G is much faster than previous wireless network connections but it’s not just fast it will also be able to connect hundreds of devices together at the same time.

The connectivity and capacity is also opening up new doors for more and new innovative services, for example health services, smart manufacturing, transport, car-to-car communication, deliveries, etc…

What are it’s benefits?

Some of the benefits that will come with 5G is being able to connect to more devices at the same time, meaning the devices won’t operate slower just because multiple people are on the same internet as you. there will be a decrease in latency, this basically means the time your mobile will take to make a request to it’s server and get a return response.

Why do we need it?

5G will offer services that will completely change the face of network connection since it will be super reliable, always available, and more stable than its predecessors. This will benefit medical procedures, vehicles and remote operations.

5G will have the ability to connect many embedded sensors which is useful for bringing down the cost of data rates along with better power.

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