Legal Industry

Legal firms handle vast amounts of confidential client data so need IT systems that are efficient and secure to do their jobs properly. Find out how we helped a local solicitor with reliable technical support and strategy IT advice.

Leisure & Hospitality

Hospitality venues have long recognised the importance of investing in innovative IT solutions to ensure they provide the best experience to their visitors. Find out how we helped a cricket ground and hotel complex with their IT.


Today’s training firms rely heavily on IT to deliver in-person and digital courses. Find out how we have helped a local training firm to improve IT efficiency and security.

Financial Services

IT security and great system support is vital when you are managing other people’s money, that’s why financial services companies choose Matrix IT for their IT support. Find out how helped provided an international company with over 300 users.


"We needed a fast response time"

Manager – Industrial Services

Reliability is key to the IT Systems we use every day, but if something does go wrong, we needed a fast response time and someone we knew could deliver. Matrix IT has proven themselves on both counts, time after time.

“Partnering with Matrix has been essential”

FD – Marketing Agency
Partnering with Matrix has been essential to our growth plans. As we have grown they have provided the infrastructure to enable this.

"Matrix IT handled everything for us"

Head – Hampshire School

Our school desperately needed an upgrade to it’s Wi-Fi network. Matrix IT handled everything for us. They found us the right technology and installed it very quickly, with no disruption. Very professional and reliable.

“Matrix planned everything for us!”

MD – Recruitment Agency

When we had outgrown our small office, we had the daunting task of moving business premises, and I was very concerned about just how disruptive this would be. But Matrix planned everything for us! We simply packed up on Friday afternoon, and come Monday morning, we arrived at the new office and we….

“Valued advice and expertise”

MD – Architectural Company

We have been working with Matrix for 14 years, and we always valued their advice and expertise.

"We were reticent to change. I need not have worried."

MD – Marine Boat Manufacturer
Fantastic service and a great team. We have recently changed I.T. providers to Matrix and wish we had done so years ago. Our last provider left a lot to be desired. However we were reticent to change as I was of the opinion we were so embedded with our last providers, a change would be fraught with difficulties. I need not have worried and am so happy that we are now with Matrix. Well done matrix!


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