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The future is unpredictable. Anything can happen between ‘now’ and the so-called ‘then’ – whenever that may be. New challenges that we are not aware of at this moment of time will arise, whilst some existing challenges will remain pertinent. Here are our five challenges that we think will cause businesses the most problems in the near future.

Cybersecurity Threats. The most predictable challenge on the list. Cybersecurity will have to improve as cybercriminals find new gateways and access for hacking our systems. This may pose an increase in cost however.

Costs and Expenses. As devices and our systems improve, adding more of the latest technology is the key to keeping up with the demanding changes of whatever industry your business operates in. This will almost certainly drive costs up.

Data and Analysis. Analytics are becoming the integral part of most businesses. Whether it’s website visits, operating profit or clicks on your social media pages, more data will need to be collected than ever before to identify how your firm is performing.

The Cloud. The Cloud is always developing and will end up being the place of storage for all businesses. Paper copies will be the thing of the past so having another storage within the cloud will key. 

AI. Artificial Intelligence is another feature of new systems and devices that is always developing. Apple are continually updating Siri whilst the addition of Amazon’s Echo devices into the market have lifted expectations. Will we need a keypad or touchpad in years to come?

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