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Are you thinking of making the move to Office 365? We used to talk about cloud computing being the future, but now it is very much the present and something which once you make the switch to, you simply can’t do without. Offering businesses a flexible and scalable solution to storage and day to day communications, one of the most popular services is Office 365. This suite of products enables you to access company data on the move and is ideal for today’s remote workforce.  

If you are currently communicating using email software hosted on your devices and keeping files stored locally, then you will definitely benefit from the flexibility and easy access of Office 365 – giving you the functionality of familiar products such as Outlook, Word and Excel but on a subscription based model and delivered over the internet. 

Perhaps you have been thinking about making the transition to cloud-based computing for your business, or have been forced to rethink the way you store and access data due to your teams working from home. Whatever the reason, you may be wondering how to migrate your email to Office 365. 

Office 365 Migration 

It might seem daunting to go from the safety and comfort of having everything on your own PC, but migrating to Office 365 is easy, and often essential to business continuity.  Consider what would happen if that work PC broke down and took all your files and emails with it? Could you get back up and running with your workload instantly? Most likely not. That’s where cloud based and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions come into their own, storing your files and data offsite, away from your work PC and making them accessible by you from any device, anywhere, providing you have the correct login credentials and necessary permissions. 

There are plenty of options within Microsoft Office products to import and export your data, enabling you to easily move from a device-based to cloud-based solution. However, if you are worried about losing data, contacts or old emails, then the safest way is to get the experts in to help.   

How we can help migrate email to office 365 

At Matrix IT we can implement and configure Office 365 solutions to meet your business requirements. We can start by carrying out a suitability study, to determine which Office 365 products, in addition to email, your business might need. We can then explain the different products in detail and their benefits to your organisation. Once you have decided on what you need we can implement the solution, migrating your data and files as required and making a seamless transition to the cloud. 

To find out more about our Office 365 migration services or for help migrating your email to Office 365 please call 01329 888 444 or click here to contact us.

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