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Steve Wozniak – 1976

Steve Wozniak born in 1950, was a Co-founder of the biggest global tech company, Apple. From a young boy, he had a growing passion for electronics and was further educated in this field. After meeting Ronald Wayne* through Steve Jobs in the early 1970’s, they planned together their venture in electronics.

Wozniak was the engineer behind the first ever Apple computer; ‘Apple I computer’. They sold it for $666.66 per unit and manufactured only 200 of them. This was a very basic computer with no power supply, monitor or casing sold with it. Regardless, this was the start of this now global enterprise.

Although Steve Wozniak is still on the payroll of Apple, he has invested in his own ventures. In 1990 he joined the ‘Electronic Frontier Foundation’, giving criminal computer hackers legal aid through prosecution. In 2002, Wozniak founded ‘Zeus’, a company that would develop Wireless GPS Technology.

*Ronald Wayne was the 3rd Co-founder of Apple. He is regularly dismissed, as a week after trading,he cashed out his shares for $800.

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