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William Barton Rogers – 1861/1865

William Barton Rogers born in 1804. As early as the 1840s he had wanted to create an educational environment to teach a high-level education of technology. Finally, in 1861 he founded Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known as MIT and in 1865 it was open to students.

Today, MIT hosts a wide range of courses such as aerospace studies, mathematics, media arts & sciences, science technology & society and many others. Almost 20,000 people apply every year for enrollment and only 9% get a place.

It has produced industry moulding individuals such as –

• Robert Spinrad – created of crucial technologies in many modern PCs
• Robert Metcalfe – co-Inventor of Ethernet• William R. Hewlett – co-founder of HP (Hewlett Packard)
• Ivan Getting – co-inventor of GPS.
• Steve Russell – Spacewar! Inventor of the first computer game to be played at multiple locations
• Bernard Marshall Gordon – co-inventor of the first current-switching DAC
• Tim Berners-Lee -co-inventor of the World Wide Web
• Daniel Bricklin -co-creator of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet programme for PCs
• Ray Kurzweil -inventor of voice recognition technology
• Prof. Stephen Benton – inventor of the credit card holograms
• Buzz Aldrin – the 2nd man in Space

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