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Since March 2020, the world has turned upside down, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing countries into lockdown, businesses to close and many employees to work from home.  This time of turmoil has put a lot of pressure on organisations to deploy home working technology quickly and securely.  This added demand for remote working has resulted in a busy time for IT support companies, as we deploy resources and provide guidance to enable people to work safely and efficiently from home. 

It has certainly been a productive and responsive time here at Matrix IT, but can you say the same about your IT support company?   

What Kind Of IT Support Service Should You Expect During The Pandemic? 

We are currently living in a very surreal world, in which the situation can change from one day to the next, so one key feature you need from your IT support company at this time is flexibility.  A company that can best support you during this time is one that can adapt, not only their approach but their service, to help you to remodel your business to the new working environment.  And that is exactly what Matrix IT has been doing. 

How Have Matrix IT Been Supporting Customers 

In the first week of lockdown alone, we were able to support 2156 users to work from home, enabling our clients to continue delivering their services.  Since then we have continued to support our customers through these difficult times, helping to ensure they have the technology they need to work efficiently, whether this is from home or an adapted office environment. 

As the Covid-19 lockdown was announced in March, most businesses were forced to operate from home.  The Matrix IT team responded straightaway, working around the clock to help clients migrate from office to home working, ensuring all systems were operational and secure.   

One of the biggest challenges was getting clients into the Cloud without delay, to ensure that businesses could access data and communicate efficiently whilst working from home.  We’ve supported a large number of clients to move to Office 365, removing on-premise servers and phone systems and replacing them with cloud alternatives to facilitate remote working.   

For those clients who maintain on-premise servers, we have ensured they have secure VPN access and implemented our cloud backup solution so that they had a disaster recovery plan in place, even with no one in the office. 

Saving Clients Money 

In addition to implementing new technology and migrating to cloud alternatives, we have also been able to save our clients money.  At a time when every penny counts, we have been able to reduce the costs of our IT support services and associated software – such as removing Office licensing for those staff members on furlough.  We have also extended our credit terms in certain cases to help clients recover. 

IT support services in Hampshire 

If you feel your current IT Support company has left you in the dark during the Covid-19 pandemic and you’d like to find out how Matrix IT can help, we’d love to hear from you. 

We provide a comprehensive and flexible IT support service to businesses across Hampshire and can help you to navigate the challenging months ahead.  If you are looking for a trusted IT partner who truly values your business, then please get in touch on 01329 888 444. 

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