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Macs are notoriously known for being virus-free and are immune from hackers. It is one of Apple’s main unique selling points and the firm tend to have the reputation of being ‘un-hackable’. However, as previous years and current times have shown, this is certainly untrue.

In comparison to other PC’s – Macs are certainly more secure. There is no denying that. However, IT firm Malwarebytes stated that they saw “more mac malware in 2017 than in any previous year”. This would suggest that Mac malware is on the rise and is likely to rise again in the future. But why all of a sudden?

Cyber criminals are finding new innovative ways to hack potential victims and their computers, and are starting to shift their focus to Mac users as they are becoming increasingly more popular and easier for malware to target. More and more mac users are being hacked as time progresses, so be careful of fraudulent scams as they may just be able to hack your mac!

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