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A recent study shows that businesses that run older versions of operating systems and web browsers are more likely to fall victim to data breaches than those who update their software regularly.

BitSight, a security ratings company, found that 2,000 firms out of 35,000 from over 20 different industries were running on operating systems that are out of date. 8,500 of those companies were also running out-of-date internet browsers. Those that were running old software are twice as likely to be data breached than the others who were up-to-date.

The best and simplest way to combat this whilst reducing the risk is to consistently update your software and operating systems. Updating is easy to do, cost-free and isn’t remotely time consuming, so it is worthwhile keeping on top of your systems. Firms also alert businesses when a new update is out nowadays, so there shouldn’t be any risk of data breaches!

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