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Sage offers software for your business that can be used a very effective tool. Sage CRM is a solution for businesses that connects you with your customers.

Sage CRM is the main Customer Relationship Management software product for small and medium sized companies and it includes three modules sales, marketing and customer service. Users will be able to track sales leads or opportunities and the performance of their sales employees/teams in the process, it can offer a range of marketing useful tools and will make it easier for your company to produce amazing customer support.

This product is very flexible and can be deployed within the Cloud or can be installed on your own server with an on-premise software licence if you would prefer. The main strength of Sage CRM is that it ties in very well with Sage’s flagship accounting products which allows you to see valuable accounting data within the CRM system.

What are the benefits of having Sage CRM?

  • Important information can be distributed across your business, such as credit history for key accounts, customer order    history and stock availability.
  • Customer information will be found easier and quickly all in one place, improving efficiency.
  • Can help reduce mistakes by increasing accuracy and effectiveness. Sage CRM software is available whenever, saving    the need to put together things such as separate spreadsheets.
  • Provides a good communications system so interaction is improved through documented records of key interactions with both current and potential customers. Teams can ensure work is correctly assigned so it also helps with organisation.
  • The system provides real time access to important information. This can be when your company sends out a newsletter for example, sales updates are logged after a recent meeting with a client or customer service logs a support call.

If you would like to learn some more about Sage CRM or would like some information on the services we can provide for you, please contact us via email or call us on 01329 888444.

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