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Although passwords seem like a basic part of IT, they are still proving to be a huge security risk.

Many still use very simple and mainstream passwords and are using them across several accounts, which makes them the ideal target for hackers. With functions and software like Keychain a password management system in macOS developed by Apple, it is now easier than ever to store passwords, but this isn’t necessarily safe.

Link to the Keychain website: Keychain Services | Apple Developer Documentation

Don’t let your browser store your passwords! unlike professional password management tools, your browser isn’t secure and your passwords are constantly at risk of being discovered by hackers.

Changing your password every now and then whilst reviewing your password policies every year can help step up the security of your business and can help stop potential hackers from getting into your system. Password managers help create you strong passwords and stores them correctly as most hackers gather their information from security breaches, credential reuse, and social engineering.

If your worried that your passwords may have been compromised or would like more information about keeping your passwords and accounts safe, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone us at 01329 888444.

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