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Your employees are the pinnacle of your business, but they are also the biggest cybersecurity threat. The likely cause of most cybersecurity breaches is still attributed to human error, so it is important employees are careful when operating in day-to-day business. Here are three key ways in which you can reduce the chance of a cybersecurity breach when it comes to your employees.

Anti-virus. All employees should have anti-virus software installed and should make sure that it is always up-to-date on all devices that they work on. This will help identify potential security breaches, keeping both them and your business safe.

Passwords. Good password management should be a given at all businesses. Passwords are often regarded as a basic part of IT, yet many still get it wrong. Make sure you never use the same password again, do not tell anyone your password and try to use a mixture of characters. This makes it harder for criminals to hack.

Devices. Never leave your devices unattended. Whether it’s simply your phone, tablet or laptop, and you need to step away for a second, make sure its password protected and locked properly.

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