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Cyber crime is constantly changing within the IT sector as new ways of getting exploited are happening and re-occuring all the time. To keep yourself protected, be sure to beware of these five cyber-security traps:

– Ransomware. This is in the form of computer viruses that threaten to delete important data from a company unless it pays them off.
– Spear Phishing. This is in the form of an email where important information and data will be requested by the sender pretending to be an authoritative source, which instead is a cyber criminal trying to acquire your data.
– ID thefts. Cyber criminals are pretending to be your company online as research shows an increase in acquiring insurance policies is being used by online fraudsters.
– Public WiFi. Working remotely is on the rise and can bring many benefits, but criminals can hack into Public WiFi hotspots in order to acquire sensitive data.
– Lack of preparation. Small to medium businesses may presume they are not the main target to cyber criminals but there is an increase in the amount in small firms that are targeted. No matter the size, you need to be prepared in case you are the victim of a cyber-criminal!

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