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Recent research has shown that every 45 seconds, a business in the UK suffers a cyberattack. This means that if you are not protected against attack and don’t have an understanding of the latest vulnerabilities your company, your data and your customers are at risk. Unless, that is, you become Cyber Essentials certified. 

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme, designed to help businesses protect themselves against the most common cyber threats such as hacking, phishing and malware attacks. Suitable for businesses of any size and in any industry, the scheme gives businesses the opportunity to gain one of two Cyber Essentials badges, which can then be displayed to reassure customers and staff that the business is doing what it can to protect against internet threats.  

With the increase in home and hybrid working and the growth of IoT applications, business data and IT systems are now being accessed via a variety of devices and personal internet connections, leaving these systems more vulnerable to attack. So, if Cyber Essentials is something you have been thinking about for a while, now is the perfect time to strengthen those defences.  

Cyber Essentials certification 

The two levels of certification offered are: 

Cyber Essentials – this is a self-assessment option where you have to demonstrate that your organisation has the necessary understanding and processes in place to protect against the most common forms of cyber attack. As a Cyber Essentials Consultancy, Matrix IT can assist you with the completion of this assessment and to implement the necessary technical measures that might not already be in place. 

Cyber Essentials Plus – featuring all of the elements of the basic Cyber Essentials certification, Cyber Essentials Plus requires you to also have a hands-on technical verification of your IT infrastructure to ensure it is of sufficient quality to protect against the main forms of cyber attack. We can help you to complete this process by referring you to our preferred partner to carry out the verification whilst we support you to complete the assessment.  

Why become Cyber Essentials certified? 

There are many benefits to becoming Cyber Essentials certified – not least avoiding the drama and cost of a cyber attack, but if you need convincing, here are a few reasons why you should consider it: 

  • Reassure your customers – that your data and therefore their data is safe 
  • Attract new business – with the reassurance that you have cyber security measures in place 
  • Meet GDPR requirements – ensure your business complies with the General Data Protection Regulation on data protection and privacy
  • Have a clear understanding of your organisation’s cyber security level 
  • Protect your company assets and IP 

Need Cyber Essentials Consultancy? 

If you believe your company is well versed on the latest cyber security threats and would like to demonstrate this to your customers, staff and stakeholders, then why not become Cyber Essentials Certified? At Matrix IT not only are we Cyber Essentials Plus certified but we also provide Cyber Essentials consultancy to enable your business to do the same! 

Don’t wait until it’s too late, protect against the latest cyber security threats and start showing everyone that you are serious about securing your business.  

For cyber security services in Hampshire, speak to our team today on 01329 888 444 or click here to find out more information. 

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