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Microsoft Office 365 is a group of software and services subscriptions which provide productivity software and related services to customers, changing the way businesses work. It is the ideal platform to achieve your business’ productivity as it accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop meaning all files are synchronized so employees can pick up work right where you left off. Here are the main benefits of moving to Office 365.

Protection. Office 365 offers data protection and backup so you have peace of mind that you’ll never lose the data you use.

Payment. Works on a pay as you go rate. If your business grows, simply pay for additional services and extra storage. This means your business doesn’t need to buy new hard drive for storage space and you can just pay for what you need.

Cloud-based. It is available on the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about servers. It can also integrate with your company’s on-premises solutions if needs be.

Employees. As it is based in the cloud, it allows you and your employees to work from absolutely anywhere on any form of device without security being an issue.

Efficiency. Once you’ve moved to Office 365 you’ll have instant access to updates and bug fixes as soon as they’re ready and issued by Microsoft so you’ll always have an efficient system with the newest updates.

At Matrix, we act as your ‘outsourced IT department’, providing help to businesses in Portsmouth, Fareham, Southampton and across the Hampshire region. To find out on how we can help with turning your business digital, please contact a member of our team on 01329 888444. Alternatively, Click here to email us or complete the consultation form on our new website: http://mtxit.com.

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