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The anonymous and encrypted nature of the Dark Web, makes it the perfect place for cybercriminals to carry out their misdemeanours, which is why dark web monitoring services are so important as you never know when it could be your business data up for grabs. 

The surface web – the part of the internet we are all familiar with – sees billions of searches every year, which sounds like a lot. However, this ‘clear web’ only represents around 4% of the World Wide Web. A much larger part of the web lurks underneath the surface and is known as the dark web. It is not indexed by search engines such as Google, but it is equally important for IT professionals to monitor. 

The Dark Web and cybercrime 

Did you know that half of the data sold on the dark web is user credentials? Cybercriminals have their eyes on your passwords and business credentials, and yet despite this, many people still don’t change their password behaviour.  If you knew that your business credentials were for sale on the dark web, you’d want to do something about it wouldn’t you? 

The forced shift to home-working from April 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has created more vulnerabilities to exploit and caused growth in the dark web and its users. Experts have predicted that around 90% of posts on popular dark web forums are from people looking for cyber criminals to carry out hacking services.  Given that up to 60% of businesses go out of business following a cyber attack and the fact that your user credentials might already be up for sale on the dark web, it’s time your business did something about it. 

How can dark web monitoring help? 

Monitoring activity on the dark web can help to reduce the risk of business data being stolen. Identity theft can be extremely damaging for a business, often resulting in financial loss. It’s not just the risk of one account, programme, system or database being hacked, as often people (against our advice!) use the same password across multiple accounts. This means even having one piece of login information sold on the dark web, could result in cybercriminals accessing much of your business’s critical data. 

How can Matrix IT help?

Using state of the art technology we are able to monitor the dark web in real-time, checking for any signs of your critical assets. If we identify any of your company information we can investigate the breach and minimise the impact of leaked data. The key to protecting your business is to make you aware of any breach as soon as possible and take action to remove the compromised credentials before cybercriminals can exploit them. 

Contact Matrix IT today on +44 1329 888 444 to find out more about how dark web monitoring services can help to safeguard your business credentials and stop them from falling into the hands of unscrupulous cybercriminals on the dark web. 

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