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Patch management describes the process of applying updates and fixes, known as ‘patches’, to software to fix any bugs and protect against newly found vulnerabilities. Any software can be exploited by cyber attackers as if they discover the vulnerabilities before all users have had a chance to apply the latest patches, they can exploit this to their advantage. 

Why Is Patch Management Important? 

IT patch management is vital to maintain effective cyber security. As soon as patches are released by software developers it is important to install these immediately, because hackers will also know that patches have been released and will be working hard to find the vulnerability and release malware to exploit it.   

Some statistics have suggested that up to 60% of the breaches suffered by businesses are due to unpatched vulnerabilities. 

In addition to improving cyber security, patch management also helps to support system uptime and ensures software is running smoothly. It also ensures that by running the latest version of software, you are getting the most up to date features as well as the reassurance that it will run on the latest hardware. 

Patch management is important for servers, routers and firewalls, operating systems such as Windows and Linux as well as the industry specific software programmes you use as part of the day to day operations of your business. 

Unpatched software is a target for hackers and malware, leaving your business at risk of a security breach and all the problems that come with that such as data loss, identity theft and potentially fines. 

How Your Business Can Benefit From Patch Management 

By ensuring that the software you use is patched when necessary you are securing your endpoints – such as PCs, laptops and mobile devices – and protecting them from cyber threats. The benefits of patch management, however, do not stop there. You may also find that: 

  • Your systems and devices operate faster and more efficiently thanks to running the latest software versions. 
  • You are able to upgrade to the latest hardware, as you are running updated software that supports the newest devices. 
  • You are complying with necessary industry standards and protecting against data breaches in line with GDPR regulations. 
  • You are less likely to suffer from downtime which should keep your staff and customers happy! 

Why Outsource Your IT Patch Management? 

Keeping track of the latest versions of software and available patches is a time consuming process. Whilst patch management can be automated, using off the shelf software, it won’t necessarily cover everything that you use. The best solution to ensure that you are patched against the latest vulnerabilities is to outsource your patch management to an IT support company. 

At Matrix IT we offer patch management as part of our IT support suite, ensuring that all devices maintained by us are patched in a controlled manner. We’ll test patches and updates before deploying them, and typically deploy out of office hours, to minimise any issues for your systems. 

If you’d like to leave patch management to the experts, speak to the team at Matrix IT today on 01329 888 444 or drop us an email here and we’ll get back to you. 

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