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If your business uses Microsoft 365 then you may be familiar with the suite of products that are on offer when you use this subscription based service. Popular with businesses as a way to keep data and communications in the cloud and enabling teams to work remotely with ease, Microsoft 365 includes everything you would expect from the traditional Office suite of tools as well as data sharing and storage capabilities. What you might be less familiar with, however, is how to keep your staff and data secure when using these products and that’s where our Matrix 365 Cloud Secure service can help out. 

Matrix 365 Cloud Secure wraps around your Microsoft 365 products to protect your users and data. Using artificial intelligence and behavioural learning, our systems can recognise spam and malicious emails, removing these emails from your inbox or removing any suspicious links from emails so that your teams are not tempted to click on what might be a phishing link.  

This service has become particularly popular with our clients over the last year or so, as teams that were originally forced to work from home due to lockdown are now taking a blended approach to completing their work hours or working from home permanently. As people access work networks from unsecure devices and home internet connections, the potential for vulnerabilities increases which makes it more important than ever that you secure your email communications and data sharing and storage as these may be potential entry points for cyber attackers. 

Why Do You Need To Protect Your Business Assets? 

Did you know that 80% of businesses don’t prepare their staff with mock phishing attacks? Or, that 3% of employees will click on a link in a phishing email? Can your business risk having its systems breached in this way?  

The downtime and cost of a cyber attack is often devastating to a business and in some cases may signal the end of operations. You may think that switching to a cloud based service such as Microsoft 365 is enough to protect your data, but you need to go the extra mile if you want to prevent an attack, particularly now you may have teams working from home and can’t guarantee the security of every endpoint. 

If you use Microsoft 365 and want to protect your business integrity, here’s how our  

365 Cloud Secure service can help: 

  • Remove spam emails from your inbox 
  • Check email links and remove potential phishing links from emails 
  • Encrypt sensitive emails before sending them to your recipient 
  • Detect hidden viruses in emails 
  • Combat targeted phishing attacks by learning your business communication patterns 

We can also provide training to your teams, helping them to recognise phishing emails or malicious attacks and reinforcing the internal process to follow upon finding something that may compromise security.   

Get Matrix 365 Cloud Secure Today 

As the south coast’s leading IT and cloud specialists, we’re experts in deploying Microsoft 365 products for businesses and can advise you on the additional services we provide, such as our Matrix 365 Cloud Secure, to ensure you get the best of every product whilst having the peace of mind of your business being protected.  

Call today on 01329 888 444 or email us for more information to find out how our services can meet your business requirements.  

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