Matrix 365 Cloud Secure

Matrix 365 Cloud Secure provides the perfect wrap-around for Office 365 and ensures protection of your most valuable assets – users and their data.

Matrix 365 Cloud secure utilises the latest AI technology and our systems identify unusual activity. Using behavioural learning, our security systems pinpoint false emails or those that are out of the blue, these are typically malicious.

We also provide SPAM protection removing unwanted emails from your inbox and compromising links from emails.

These measures help keep business data and its integrity safe, as well as providing a more efficient work force and vastly reduced downtime from cyber attacks.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Secure – an overview

Matrix 365 Cloud Secure includes a number of features to help protect and empower businesses, including:

  • Email Encryption – encrypts sensitive emails before sending them to their destination
  • Spam Protection – remove known spam emails from your inbox
  • Virus Protection – detecting hidden viruses and potential threats in email
  • Anti-Phishing – our systems check the links in emails and prevent malicious ones from reaching your inbox
  • Email Continuity – email access in the event that Office 365 is unavailable
  • AI Threat Detection – Our AI learns your business communication patterns to help combat targeted phishing attacks
  • Attack Simulation – training for staff to help them recognise phishing/malicious attacks and reinforce internal processes

For more in-depth information on 365 Cloud Secure, please feel free to contact our presales team. We will be happy to discuss your needs and answer any queries you may have in order to match the right 365 cloud products to your requirements.

365 Cloud Secure Services in Hampshire

If you are looking for 365 cloud secure services for your business, then you need look no further than the south coast’s leading IT and cloud specialists, Matrix IT.

Based in Hampshire, we offer Microsoft 365 support services and products to businesses throughout Hampshire, including Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester and surrounding areas.

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