Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight

This month’s staff bio is Gareth. Gareth is our Business Development Director here at Matrix. We hope you enjoy learning more.

  1. What is your name, age, place of birth, job role and length of service at Matrix IT?

Gareth McQuaid, 46, Keighley, Business Development Director, 9 months.

  1. If you could do one thing in life what would that be?

Rid the world of negative people.

  1. What are your hobbies and passions?

Cycling, sport, car restoration, self-development and furniture making.

  1. How would you describe yourself?

Different every day.

  1. Do you have any pets and children?

Two pets; a dog, Pip and a cat, Coco.

Two boys called Archie (22) and Ethan (20).

  1. What is your favourite possession?

A pocket knife my dad bought me when I was 10, oh and my Milgauss.

  1. What is your favourite quote?

‘Whether or not one can live with one’s passions, whether or not one can accept their law, which is to burn the heart they simultaneously exalt, that is the whole question’. ~ Albert Camus.

  1. What motivates or inspires you?

My family, TED talks and Mrs Robinson my French teacher from 32 years ago.

  1. What are your goals for the future?

Three things; to retire financially at 55, to maintain a strong family bond and to experience as much as I can before my last breath.

  1. What do you love most about your job?

The challenge, and the team.

  1. Describe your biggest achievement to date

Making my mum proud of all of my crazy expeditions and getting my 1st Dan, which was bloody hard work.

  1. Who is your idol, mentor or someone that inspires you?

Alan Sugar, Richard Branson and Edmund Hillary

  1. Why Matrix?

I like daily interaction. Being part of something that evolves and changes rather than a cog the system.  Plus its great working for the South Coast’s favourite IT company!



Why does your business need IT Support?

Why does your business need IT Support?

Why does your business need IT support? Depending on your company and its requirements, there are multiple ways that an outsourced IT department can help you. Whether you have 5 PCs and office phones or a whole server room and many users, this could benefit the quality of your network.

Services could include:

  • Emergency helpdesk support
  • Onsite maintenance visits
  • Hardware installation
  • Cybersecurity testing and upkeep
  • Systems, monitoring and patching
  • Office move assistance
  • Fully managed IT services
  • IT strategy planning

Having an IT support agreement can give you peace of mind that you can minimise technical faults and be able to resolve issues quickly.

It is standard for the majority of business employees to not have technical experience; IT Support works to educate employees as well as support them with any internal issues.

Are you planning on expanding your business? Employing more staff and extending your network? When planning your future business goals, IT Support is an important thing to consider.

At Matrix, we act as your ‘outsourced IT department’, providing help to businesses in Portsmouth, Fareham, Southampton and across the Hampshire region. To find out on how we can support your IT network, please contact a member of our team on 01329 888444 or Click here to email us