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Quarantine emails

As many of you are aware, our email quarantine security service provided by Barracuda has been experiencing some issues over the last few days.

In the interest of security Barracuda have made a change to the way that quarantined emails are released which resulted in some errors when trying to release emails from the quarantine. The majority of the issues have now been resolved.

Shared Mailbox Email Quarantine – Outstanding Issue

There is a remaining ongoing issue with quarantine messages for shared mailboxes and Barracuda are designing a resolution for this. In the meantime, the emails can be allowed by an admin user, or you can email us so we release the emails on your behalf.

Quarantine Email Release Change

Moving forward releasing quarantined emails will require you to login to the Barracuda portal via username and password or to use single sign on connected your Microsoft 365 login.

We are in the process of enabling single sign on for all 365 customers where this is an available option to make this change easier.

If you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to email [email protected].

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