Inspirational Inventors

Inspirational Inventors

Steve Wozniak – 1976

Steve Wozniak born in 1950, was a Co-founder of the biggest global tech company, Apple. From a young boy, he had a growing passion for electronics and was further educated in this field. After meeting Ronald Wayne* through Steve Jobs in the early 1970’s, they planned together their venture in electronics.

Wozniak was the engineer behind the first ever Apple computer; ‘Apple I computer’. They sold it for $666.66 per unit and manufactured only 200 of them. This was a very basic computer with no power supply, monitor or casing sold with it. Regardless, this was the start of this now global enterprise.

Although Steve Wozniak is still on the payroll of Apple, he has invested in his own ventures. In 1990 he joined the ‘Electronic Frontier Foundation’, giving criminal computer hackers legal aid through prosecution. In 2002, Wozniak founded ‘Zeus’, a company that would develop Wireless GPS Technology.

*Ronald Wayne was the 3rd Co-founder of Apple. He is regularly dismissed, as a week after trading,he cashed out his shares for $800.

Inspirational Inventors

Inspirational Inventors

Steve Jobs – 1955

Steve Jobs born in 1955 was one the co-founders of Apple. Apple is a technology company founded in 1976, now ranked the largest technology company in the world.

Steve Jobs first taste of the industry was at HP where at 13 years old did a summer internship at the HP factory. Meeting through mutual friends in 1969, Steve Wozniak and Jobs bonded over their love for technology.

At 17 years old and Wozniak 22, they illegally built and sold ‘blue boxes’, a machine that would allow you to make phone calls for free. They later stopped after almost being caught. Both have stated that without doing this they would not have learnt the ‘power of ideas’ and would not have had the success they did.

In 1972 Jobs studied physics, poetry and literature at Reed College. Though, after 18 months dropped out to explore India where he grew a passion for Buddhism. Being a poetic and deep-thinking person, Jobs even hired a group of people. This group people solely studied the emotions of opening a box with an Apple product inside.

Steve Jobs persistently wanted to become CEO, however, he was labelled a difficulty to work. He was consequently ousted from the Macintosh group and was unable to have say in products. Jobs later became CEO in 1997 to reframe the product line. He stayed as CEO until 2011 when he sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Apple announce fault in MacBook Pro hard drive

Do you have a potentially faulty MacBook Pro hard drive?

Apple have announced that some MacBook Pro owners are losing data due to hardware failure.  Any 128GB/256GB, non-touch bar, 13-inch MacBook Pro purchased between June 2017 and June 2018 are susceptible to this problem.

To prevent data loss Matrix has compiled three easy steps:

MacBook Pro Hard Drive Fault

1. Check on the Apple web site to see if your MacBook needs repairing.  Your serial number can be found in the top left corner of your menu bar and go to ‘About this mac’.  Once you have the serial number click here and check –

2. BEFORE YOU REPAIR, ensure that you have a backup of your Mac (

3. Arrange for Apple to repair (free) and then upon receipt of your fixed MacBook Pro you will need to restore your system from the backup (


If you need assistance establishing whether your device is at risk – or advice on backing up or restoring your data please contact a member of the Matrix team on 01329 888444 or Click here to email us.

Staying Safe on IPhone

Staying Safe on IPhone

IPhones are currently the safest smartphone on the planet and Apple are notoriously known to be hard to hack. However, there are still a few tips you can follow to make sure it stays that way and you stay free of hackers on your handset.

Update your IPhone – Updating your IPhone software consistently is the best way to avoid any hackers. Apple frequently release new software that patches any chance of being hacked and being exploited, so make use of this!

Appropriate Passcode – Although it can be frustrating to constantly put in a long passcode, it reduces the chances of your phone being hacked. Nowadays there is quick unlock with features such as Touch ID and Face ID so the chances of putting your passcode in all the time anyway are very slim.

Two Factor Authorisation (TFA) – Most people have configured two factor authorisation automatically. If this isn’t the case, TFA sends a code through to any trusted device when you are trying to log in to an unknown device. This could be when you buy a new phone and login with your apple ID for example. It makes sure you can’t log in from anywhere.

Be careful on public WiFi networks – Free WiFi networks are always handy if you are out and about, but they are also ideal for hackers. When using public WiFi make sure not to access anything personal, such as a banking app. This is exactly what criminals are looking for.

For more information on how to stay safe on your IPhone, please contact us via email or phone at 01329 888444.

Macs and Viruses – Are Macs Immune?

Macs and Viruses – Are Macs Immune?

Macs are notoriously known for being virus-free and are immune from hackers. It is one of Apple’s main unique selling points and the firm tend to have the reputation of being ‘un-hackable’. However, as previous years and current times have shown, this is certainly untrue.

In comparison to other PC’s – Macs are certainly more secure. There is no denying that. However, IT firm Malwarebytes stated that they saw “more mac malware in 2017 than in any previous year”. This would suggest that Mac malware is on the rise and is likely to rise again in the future. But why all of a sudden?

Cyber criminals are finding new innovative ways to hack potential victims and their computers, and are starting to shift their focus to Mac users as they are becoming increasingly more popular and easier for malware to target. More and more mac users are being hacked as time progresses, so be careful of fraudulent scams as they may just be able to hack your mac!

For more information on macs and potential viruses for Apple products, please contact us via email or phone at 01329 888444.