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You may have noticed our new look, improved website, but that is not the only thing that has changed at Matrix IT in recent months. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been busy helping businesses throughout the south of England to find new ways of working to help keep their employees safe whilst continuing with ‘business as usual’, delivering the same level of services, whilst working remotely.  

In addition to helping businesses react to the changes forced on them by the worldwide pandemic, we are also pleased to have introduced new collaborative and IT strategy services to help strengthen IT capabilities for businesses in all sectors. 

Teams Plug In 

A key new managed service we are now able to offer is the integration of VoIP phone systems with Microsoft Teams. A VoIP phone system removes the need for on-premise equipment and provides complete business phone system capabilities from anywhere. 

Our new Teams plug in ensures that businesses can now benefit from all of features of a VoIP phone system in Microsoft Teams! By offering a feature rich solution, and Teams as the team chat and communication application, users can now stay in their favourite collaboration app and break out into the VoIP system, accessing every functionality that you would expect from a business phone system. The biggest benefit of our Teams plug in is that it works wherever you go, providing your computer or mobile device has an internet connection. 

IT Strategy From Matrix IT

For many businesses, recent events have led to the realisation that IT strategies must be put in place not only to help improve business performance and move the business forward, but also to navigate any potential crisis or major changes that could be faced in the future. At Matrix IT, we are here to help you put the best forward plan in place for your business. 

Our IT strategy process helps businesses achieve goals in the same way that sat navs guide you to your chosen destinations. We help you to find the right path to achieve your business goals. By creating an IT strategy plan that comprises of a technology roadmap, detailed budget, and project implementation schedule, our clients can benefit from an efficient plan that is designed to optimise business performance and enhance IT maturity, all in a jargon-free language that key business stakeholders can understand.  

IT Support Services In Hampshire 

If your business would benefit from the implementation of Teams and VoIP integration via our Teams plug in, or you require assistance in putting together a strong IT strategy to help your business take the best path forward, please contact Matrix IT today by calling 01329 888 444, or if you prefer, send us an email and we will be happy to assist you. 

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